Video of Naked Blue at Baldwin’s Station, March 28, 2013

Naked Blue

Naked Blue

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Naked Blue’s trademark acoustic-folk pop sound in its simplest form — good harmonies, a catchy hook and Jen’s breathy voice that at once soothes and intrigues. Whatever your taste, Jen and Scott seem to have something made to order and as the years go by, the selection grows greater and greater. Audiences will enjoy Naked Blue’s intriguing body of music that seems to delight in keeping one guessing.” ~ Leesburg Today. Jen and Scott Smith (Naked Blue), met at Gordon Miller Music in Towson, MD. Within a year, they had begun a writing, recording and personal partnership that has produced 5+ recordings and won critical acclaim. Their dynamic live performances, either as a duo or as front people for a full band, have taken them to 6 countries and across the U.S. creating life-long loyal fans wherever they go. “When you see husband-and-wife duos touring the country as musical partners, especially if they’ve been doing it for twenty years, you can be confident that they’ve achieved a level of communication and compatibility that guarantees the quality of the show. That’s definitely the case with Jen and Scott Smith, whose instinctive feel for progressive folk/pop music has resulted in legions of fans on the Eastern Seaboard, and long residencies on radio playlists across the country. Scott’s command of the electric guitar is almost ravishing, in tasteful service to Jen’s seductive lead vocals and solid rhythm guitar — maybe it takes at least twenty years to get this good…” “With the release of their new CD, Five by Five, Naked Blue has established itself as a vital player on the folk-pop scene.” ~ MetroBeat.

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