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Hello and thank you for your interest in playing at an Uptown Concerts presentation. Uptown Concerts is not a venue, we run a couple of concert series featuring folk, Celtic, acoustic singer/songwriters of note, in the folk style, traditional and some world music. We book national, international and local artists that perform in the styles named above.

The series at Baldwin’s Station runs year round (twice a month avg). Baldwin’s is an old train station converted into an upscale restaurant around 30 years ago. In order to play Baldwins you must have a strong following in the Baltimore-Washington-Annapolis areas and bring in a paying audience with a ticket price no lower then $15.00. Room capacity is 70, and the stage is tiny, 8×8 square on an angle with the front point cut off like baseball home plate. We do not present openers at Baldwin’s Station.

While The Cellar Stage™ series has been running for over 30 years it has been housed in various venues. We’ve just moved to a new venue, a monthly series at a church in Timonium, MD. Currently this is the only venue for this series. Shows are once a month on a Friday and the usual seating capacity is 150. You also need to be a well established artist to be considered as the main act for a show. However, we will present openers at some of the shows at this venue. Currently this series will close for July and August and return in late September. All of 2018 is booked.

I am not familiar with your/their music and an online video or song does not give me any idea of what you and your music are about. If you feel your music fits our format then to be considered for a spot with Uptown Concerts please submit a professionally recorded CD (no demos) to Uptown Concerts Inc., PO Box 1053, Randallstown, MD 21133. While we do local publicity, it is the artist that must have a following in the area that they can access and help in bringing an audience into the venues.

I expect artists to have an active mailing list they attend to regularly and a proper web site with bio, promo photo, video, and song where a patron can hear you and that notifies your audience of your upcoming performance(s) and info on how to get tickets to said performance(s).


  • We do not present religious music.
  • Please send only one CD per artist or group and no videos.
  • Please send a stamped self-addressed envelope for return.

I’m sad to say, neither the Bluegrass or Blues audiences support our shows or venues.



PS: The name The Cellar Stage™ is a trademark of Uptown Concerts Inc.

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