Just announced: TriBeCaStan at Cellar Stage, December 13!


Friday, December 13th
TriBeCaStan at Cellar Stage

Tickets $21.00 ~ Showtime 8:00 pm

Radically multi-cultural and poly-stylistic, New York City’s TriBeCaStan is one of contemporary music’s most vibrantly eclectic ensembles, using diverse instruments from around the globe to create an exotic palette of sonic colors. The New York Times describes TriBeCaStan‘s sound as “genre-bending jazz and world music,” with The Washington Post hails them as “an international jazz and folk festival unto themselves, fusing Balkan, Middle Eastern, Indian, Latin American, and African musical elements to bold and dazzling effect.” Rootsworld simply calls them “the most hellishly-heavenly world music band you’re ever going to hear.” Nestled in the heart of New York’s bustling urban sprawl lies a sonic oasis in which the sounds of the Indian sarod meet surf rock, West African kora merges with Appalachian mountain tunes, and traditional Afghan melodies mingle with East Coast loft jazz. Here Swedish nykelharpas and Pakistani taxi horns coexist in harmony (and mayhem) alongside thoroughbred jazz horns, driving grooves, exotic strings, and buzzing reeds. While nailing down the multifarious culture of TriBeCaStan might be challenging (especially since the band purposefully aims to tear down the boundaries between world, folk, and jazz), the final package is the result of a virtuosic and exuberant collaboration between some of New York’s finest jazz and world musicians—many of whom have played and collaborated with legendary innovators, such as Ornette Coleman, Patti Smith, John Corigliano, James Brown, and Taj Mahal. Long-time fixtures of the band include co-founders and multi-instrumentalists John Kruth and Jeff Greene, as well as Claire Daly (New York’s baritone sax goddess and former James Brown touring member) and Matt Darriau (multi-reedist and a Klezmatics staple). “Our music,” says Jeff Greene, “is ultimately about the cross-fertilization of musical idioms. Between our travels and life in New York City, we get to witness, first-hand, all the wonderful ways in which the world’s cultures combine to create new musical forms and expressions. To us, there couldn’t be anything more inspiring.” Alarm Magazine: “TriBeCaStan spans centuries with its incomparable blend of traditional… and modern styles.”