My name is Seth Glier. I am a twenty four year old singer-songwriter who makes a living traveling around the country in my Toyota Prius performing 250 shows a year. From Boston to San Fransico, Austin to Ann Arbor my Prius is the trusted invisible band member, who, for the last 4 years, has allowed me to play for you & be the first zero Carbon Footprint Touring musician.

On Sunday, Feb 24th, My Prius was totaled as I got T-boned by an oncoming truck in upstate NY. Upon the collision, my keyboard flew up in the air, my windows blew out, my front axel snapped in half, and I was sent spinning across the highway into the snow bank. Simply put, airbags & a seatbelt saved my life.

via Oh Prius, After All These Miles & Memories | Indiegogo.

Seth Glier will perform at Cellar Stage on April 5th, 2013.