Uptown Concerts needs your help!

Uptown ConcertsDear Mailing List & Face Book Friends,

Uptown Concerts (The Cellar Stage series) needs your help.

Due to aging, decaying old buildings in need of very expensive repairs the DC/Maryland Conference of the United Methodist Churches will be consolidating congregations and closing buildings. At this time the buildings that will be closed in Baltimore are unknown, at least to me. However, Uptown Concerts has been told not to book any shows for 2016 at Faith Community UMC.

So I need everyone out there (in the Baltimore area) reading this note to please help us find a new home for The Cellar Stage concert series. I need your help in searching. I can’t possibly check out all of the possible venues myself; Synagogues, Churches . . . If you find or think of a place or places to look at, please check them out first. See if the facility has the capacity to host events such as ours (space for live shows, stage, storage closet for supplies, parking) and if they are interested and why they are interested. In other words, their reasons for such an outreach program. Making big money is not the reason we want to hear nor can work with. Preferably we need a space that can hold around 200 or more in a Church or Synagogue. Suggest one or two shows a month from Oct into May.

If there’s a yes answer to the questions then please send me the contact information. I’ll need the name, address and phone number of the facility and the name of the person(s) you spoke with. The building must be wheelchair accessible with at least one accessible bathroom.

Any questions please call me anytime at 410-922-5210 or send email to Uptown Concerts.

An alternative to a church or synagogue would be a restaurant. Preferably larger then Baldwin’s, in Baltimore County, with a room that is occasionally used. Baldwin’s holds 70. Another restaurant series would be good. But I expect shows would only be on weekdays.

Thank you so much for any help you can provide in locating a new home or homes for the music!

– Joyce Sica