To all Hello,

I hope you’re all doing as well as can be expected in this ongoing Covid saga.

3 different topics to discuss below. Please read. We need some assistance.

1) We really encourage you to buy tickets ahead of the show. So we know we have enough tickets sold to present the show. If the show is cancelled, during covid, your entire ticket fee will be refunded. When we don’t have enough pre-sales to cover the cost of the show we have to consider canceling or postponing the show in hopes a new date will draw an audience.

Please understand we don’t own the buildings in which we present the concerts. We pay rent to use those buildings. In addition the musicians have guarantees. Once they arrive they get paid their guarantee, plus dinner and many times a hotel room all paid for by Uptown Concerts. I won’t go into exact costs,(they vary) but for instance had we gone ahead with last weeks show with 0 advanced tickets sold, I would have walked in the building $1,000. in the red. I can’t afford to run, even a non profit business, in the red. We need to know that we have at least enough sold tickets to cover the basic costs of the show. So we’re asking you, if you plan to come to a show to please buy tickets in advance. If the show should be canceled due to Covid (and its other names) Brown Paper Tickets will refund your money. If you’ve sent me check for tickets, I will refund your money.

2) We’re looking for someone that can help us add a virtual component to our concerts. If you can help please contact me.

3) Anyone out there know how to write grants and are willing to help us? Please contact me. We are non-profit.

Thank you for your continued support.



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